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Copier Dealers

Buy Used Copy Machines


has two locations- Long Prairie, Minnesota and Dallas, Texas. We normally have approximately 6000 used copy machines in stock- with many low meter current models available. Regardless of where our used copier inventory is located, we transfer assets between our locations twice per month for a $65 transfer fee. This gives
you the chance to “kick the tires” of the used copiers you wish to purchase. Once you have selected the brand and model of used copy machines you would like to purchase we can have them delivered very economically to your dealership. If you prefer to pick up your copier(s) from one of our seven warehouses you can do that as well.

Sell Used Copy Machines


buys tens of thousands of used copy machines from copier dealers all across the United States every year. While many of our wholesale copiers come from our leasing partners we rely on copier dealers throughout the States to provide us with about 40% of our inventory. We export most of the used copy machines to third world countries across six continents- they seem to prefer b/w used copy machines more than there color copier counterpart. Please send us your wholesale copier list as often as you wish and we promise to get you immediate values. You will find our staff very friendly to work with and we promise fast payment.

Get to Know Us


have been in business since 2002 and have grown to become one of the largest copier remarketers of wholesale used copiers in the world. Our rating with the National Better Business Bureau has been an A+ for the past decade because we pay attention to detail. Our technicians do such an excellent job of auditing our used copy machines so that our copier dealers receive exactly what they paid for. All accessories are noted along with cosmetic and internal conditions of our copier inventory. The best part of our business is getting to know you- the copier dealers! Without you we would not exist. So pick up the phone of give us a call and lets buy/sell used copiers